Arts Mentoring is a new charity set up by 3 Notting Hill residents who wanted to bring the joy of the arts to children around the world who have not had the chances we’ve had. We decided to do something about this and Arts Mentoring is the outcome. We will be raising funds and recruiting artists to spend time in orphanages bringing their own talents and enthusiasms to those children.

By ‘arts’ we mean everyone involved in artistic expression from singers, to actors, to painters, photographers, musicians but not limited to these at all!

At Artsmentoring we know we have had the luxury of personal experience in the arts and  have always been keen supporters but we know that these experiences are not typical for millions of children around the world and in the UK and it was time to help change this.  Children whose lives are hard can find joy through the arts as they see another side to life, have a chance to express themselves and learn skills that may change their lives.

We did some research and found other organisations with a similar mission to join up with, one being Open Arts Africa who are already working with an orphanage in Cura, Kenya. The other is Creative Visions Foundation, an organisation that supports “Creative Activists” who use the power of media and the arts to create positive change in the world.

Key principles for us are:

  1. We will ensure that all money raised will go to the projects we support. The  money  will be spent on getting our mentors out to the projects, on materials and living expenses needed for them to do their work, not on overheads.
  2. We will pick our ‘mentors’ carefully so that anyone that goes to visit any children via Artsmentoring will understand what they need to bring to the project and will be properly vetted
  3. Bringing arts to the children is the core mission but if we find that the basics of food and clothing at a project are poor we will help with this too

We are launching the charity with a big fund raiser and our aim after that is that our supporters and mentors want to do fund raising too once they are involved. This way the work will spread more rapidly and take on its own momentum.


One response to “About

  1. Dear Arts Mentoring,

    As an professional artist and art teacher in NW London, I would be interested to know more of your plans and would like to be kept up to date.

    Good Luck,

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